Hey there, I'm Stu!

I'm a recently-graduated animator from Chicago, living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

My work is compelled by the potential of media as a force for good. And the ever-increasing power of the artist to reach millions of children at once, and to leave a positive impact on them.

I believe that media should be used to ENRICH the life of a child... not just to FILL it.

It all started when I was seven years old, and the guy at Best Buy told me I’d never be able to afford the software they used to make Toy Story.

I marched right home and I learned how to animate my own way, using Microsoft Powerpoint on a Windows 95 machine. I had figured out how to draw whatever I wanted using the simple shapes tools and a healthy dose of the Microsoft Paint spray can tool. And, with a little innovation, hundreds of slides, and extremely short slide durations, I could almost make my characters come to life.

Thankfully, I'm now equipped with professional software and loads more training than I had when I was seven. But I've always held on to that curious sense of ingenuity. I'm constantly trying to 'trick' my computer into doing things it didn't know it could.