Mit Holiday Card 2017


Agency: Nimblebot

Client: MIT


This holiday greeting was sent to the entire MIT community, including current students, faculty, and alumni.


The challenge was to design a functional animated Rube Goldberg machine that represents the MIT community and all of its departments. I had a blast working with the MIT Alumni Association capturing MIT's unique culture and ingenuity.

Veritas Genetics FAQs 2017


Agency: Nimblebot

Client: Anthem Multimedia


After a rigorous rebranding process, Veritas Genetics wanted a series of videos for the FAQ section of their new website.


This is a great example of how powerful visuals can be used explain complex ideas. It was a pleasure working with the scientists and creatives at Veritas and Anthem in designing these visuals and bringing them to life in 3D space.


We created a total of six of these videos.

The Messiest Bed in Bedville




This is my thesis film for Lesley University College of Art and Design, where I got my BFA in Animation.


I wrote this poem when I heard that bed bugs actually hate messy beds. Isn't that nuts?

Alicia Gee




My Junior Film for Lesley University College of Art and Design:


Alicia Gee wants to change the world with her inventions. Frustrated by the limits of childhood, she discovers the limitlessness of her own imagination. When someone unexpected arrives at the door, Alicia realizes that she can change the world after all.

The Humble Leader 2014


Agency: Bimbam

Client: Eli Talks


A collaboration with Bimbam (formerly G-dcast) and ELI Talks.


Based on Hal Lewis's talk, "It Ain't the Heat, It's the Humility: Jewish Leadership for the 21st Century"


Storage Squad 2013


Client: Storage Squad


A promotional video for a local storage company.. Since the release of this video on their website, Storage Squad has expanded to serve over 9 cities in 7 states.