The Messiest Bed in Beville


My Thesis Film for Lesley University College of Art and Design:

Charles McGoon refuses to make his bed. But when his town is invaded by giant mutant Bed Bugs, he just might be their only hope.

Alicia Gee


My Junior Film for Lesley University College of Art and Design:

Alicia Gee wants to change the world with her inventions. Frustrated by the limits of childhood, she discovers the limitlessness of her own imagination. When someone unexpected arrives at the door, Alicia realizes that she can change the world after all.

Written, Animated, and Directed by Stu Sufrin
Music by Vinicus Pippa

ELI Talks:

"The Humble Leader"


Collaboration with G-dcast and ELI Talks.

Based on Hal Lewis's talk, "It Ain't the Heat, It's the Humility: Jewish Leadership for the 21st Century"

Storage Squad


A promotional video for a local storage company.. Since the release of this video on their website, Storage Squad has expanded to serve over 9 cities in 7 states.

Animation, Music, and Voice by Stu Sufrin

IP Video Contest Entry


Grand Prize winner,

16-18 Age Group

The Intellectual Property Organization's annual video contest is an opportunity for students to win scholarship money and learn about the importance of IP law.

Animation and Voices by Stu Sufrin

NCSY Multimedia Presentation


NCSY's West coast branch produced a multimedia performance piece which incorporated live actors with video projections.

This is an animated sequence I produced as part of the narrative of their show.

Animation and music by Stu Sufrin


Studio G-dcast: "Lo Bashamayim Hi"


G-dcast a non-profit organization that produces short animated videos about the Old Testamant. I was lucky enough to participate in a fellowship program in San Francisco during the summer of 2012, where I met 11 other talented Jewish artists.

Lyrics + Vocals by Eliana Light

The Case for Copyright Law


Grand Prize winner!

Scholarshipentry for the The Music Publishers Association and National Association for Music Education's Copyright Scholarship Contest.

Animation and Narration by Stu Sufrin

Mr. Silliwitz


Final Project for a Stop Motion animation course at Lesley University College of Art and Design.

Animation and voices by Stu Sufrin



Struggle Bus


Getting on the shuttle bus to school was always very competitive. There wasn't always sitting room and it began to feel like a video game... so I made it into one!



Experimental program which recognizes color and converts basic colors to musical notes.